Architectural, Project Management and Procurement Services based in Milton Keynes and covering the whole of the UK.

At ARK Architectural Concepts we offer fast efficient and friendly service to bring your ideas to life.

We Design, Project Manage and Procure for both Commercial and Residential clients.

Our ethos is to tailor your project to suit your needs whether it’s an all in one service you require or any of the individual disciplines we offer.

We provide free consultations and advice.

Project Management

This area of our business is growing and we specialise in managing Re-Images, Refurbishments, Fitting-Out in the commercial and domestic markets.

To be successful in the High Street it is paramount that Shops, Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants are kept “Fresh, Modern and Inviting” for the public therefore most companies have a long term plan to upgrade their estate as a rolling programme. ARK can Project Manage this kind of work Nationally and we have qualified and experienced personnel for most types of construction work but particularly specialising on Restaurants and the Eating out sector.

Relating to the Domestic Market, too often the client is unsure whether a Project Manager adds value to the project? The answer to that question is that in most cases unless the client is able to do this himself, it’s always best to employ someone who specialises in this field and will act on his/her behalf and be the eyes and ears on site managing the Programme, Construction and most importantly the Costs.

At ARK we offer a Turnkey service as we have both the Design and the Project Management services so the Client can rest assured that all his/her interests are looked after from Inception to Completion.

We also undertake the management of Planned and Reactive Maintenance and Repair work. This entails looking at the total life cycle of a building and assessing when the most cost effective time to repair, renew the fabric and fittings of a building.

We will forecast what the budgets should be, arrange competitive tendering, assist with the selection of successive contractors and monitor the works and manage the signing of the completed works and issuing of Warranty Certificates etc.

With the current economic pressures, this is one area that is being is too often postponed. Unfortunately, this avoidance only leads to higher repair costs at a future date as inevitably the small problems only get worst.

ARK can assist with surveys and cost estimates so early decisions can be made on essential works and so avoiding large bills in the future.

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